Commonly referred to as skip tracing it merely means someone who has skipped town and needs to be traced, found and interviewed. Often times, there is no nefarious behavior involved and the individual hasn’t even skipped. The subject might just not know that they are needed.

Heirs are a prime example. Finding heirs and/or their descendants is a delicate matter – family dynamics and who inherits what can be a tricky road to navigate. It requires persuasion and trust to gain cooperation of strangers.  SIA’s record in this regard is stellar.

Finding witnesses to events or accidents that occurred years ago requires creative thinking and methods. Once found, they can be very resistant to cooperating, now, yet again; “I told the police everything years ago.” Gaining the trust and cooperation of reluctant witnesses and exploiting the good will of cooperative witnesses is a hallmark of SIA.

Business partners, business affiliations and clients. These are the types of references / associations that subjects provide to demonstrate their qualifications for hire or lending. Sometimes these individuals and their business associations are outright fictitious, or they’ve been dissolved and no longer exist, or, they’re under investigation by the SEC or another relevant state or federal agency. SIA finds the people behind the business and not always, but often, can get them to talk.

  • Skip Tracing
  • Heirs
  • Witnesses
  • Probate Will
  • Old Classmates
  • Missing Relatives
  • On-line Dating
  • Deadbeat Dads
  • Landlord/Tenant Inquires
  • Business Owners


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