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  • What Big Data Misses
    by Robert Gardner on September 13, 2023 at 2:46 PM

    I still like Big Data! But there are big gaps in what it sees. It’s your job to know that. Ø  FRAUD LAWSUIT Ø  TIME SHARE CONDOMINIUM Ø  VACATION RENTAL IN THE CARIBBEAN Ø  4 BUSINESS AFFILIATIONS These were all key findings in a recent research assignment. I didn’t find them in any of the global or comprehensive reports I obtained at the outset of my research, or what I call “Big Data.” Nonetheless, I still like Big Data. Way

  • Searching Online Public Records: What You Need to Know
    by Marcy Phelps on August 17, 2023 at 8:53 PM

    Marcy Phelps shares intel about how to tackle investigations that require online public records research. As professional investigators, we do many things, including surveillance, locates, criminal defense work, due diligence, and much, much more. We work online and in the field, and we all have our areas of specialization. No matter what we do, though, to some extent, we all rely on public records. We rely on them for information about people, places, and companies. We look at court records,

  • Human Drama: Q&A with Novelist Chris Offutt
    by Chapter16.org on July 21, 2023 at 1:56 PM

    By Bradley Sides and Chapter16.org Chris Offutt on small towns, homesickness, and whether “bad guys” exist Code of the Hills By Chris Offutt. Grove Press. 288 pages. $27. Chris Offutt introduced readers to Army CID investigator Mick Hardin and his rural Kentucky community in 2021 with The Killing Hills, the first of a series of thrillers balancing murder and crime with loyalty and humor. Shifty’s Boys followed in 2022, and 2023 brings a third novel, Code of the Hills, taking Mick

  • MADPI GLOBAL Founder Earns NALI Certification
    by Jonathan Goldbloom on August 18, 2023 at 3:12 AM

    Roman Bazikalov Joins Elite Group of Less than 100 Private Investigators Worldwide (Montreal, July 27, 2023): Roman Bazikalov, the founder and President of MADPI GLOBAL, is the first Quebec private investigator and the second in Canada to be certified by the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI), the oldest and most prestigious association for Legal Investigators in North America. “Being a private investigator is a profession, but unlike lawyers and accountants we have been slow to develop and implement universally accepted practice standards so that clients can have confidence in what they are buying,” explained Mr. Bazikalov. “This designation is a recognized stamp of approval and a signal to our clients that I personally and my company meet and exceed the ethical and professional standards set by our industry.” The Certified Legal Investigator (CLI) designation is earned by candidates who demonstrate superior knowledge in legal investigations. Established in 1978 the CLI program involves rigid examination, oral ethical testing, role playing, statement taking, and white paper authorship. The designation is conferred upon those who meet professional requirements and who successfully pass written and oral examinations. Today less than one hundred private investigators have completed this difficult program. “Investigators who make a commitment to earn the designation of CLI elevate the profession and, more importantly, themselves,” stated Jennifer Brown, J.D., CLI, a long-standing NALI member and Committee Chairperson. “For Roman it is a major accomplishment. He is now a member of a relatively exclusive club as less than one hundred private investigators have completed this comprehensive and challenging program. It demonstrates his commitment to excellence and to continuous improvement.” Certified Legal Investigators now enjoy recognition of their achievement in the legal and investigative community, in the court room, and by their employers. “Over the years I have consistently upgraded my education and training and as a result have previously received other designations,” added Mr. Bazikalov. “Now, with my CLI designation, rather than just looking at my education and my relevant investigative experience of over two decades, existing and potential clients can much better gage my values and my training. Being a member of this elite group of private investigators should be reassuring for them. It’s one of the top symbols of quality and competency in our industry.” About Roman Bazikalov Prior to founding MADPI GLOBAL in 2016, Roman Bazikalov worked as Senior Investigator for a number of agencies in Quebec and Ontario, including Canada’s largest investigation and risk mitigation firm. Since becoming a licensed Private Investigator in 2002, Roman has investigated complex civil and criminal matters and worked undercover at home and abroad. He specializes in intelligence gathering and analysis, corporate, legal, and insurance investigations, intellectual property, fraud, organized crime, conflict resolution, and crisis management. Roman holds an Honors BA in Criminology and a minor in Psychology from the University of Ottawa. He speaks English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian. Among his other credentials are Certified International Investigator (CII) from the Council of International Investigators, and a Certified Master Investigator (CPIO-MI) from the Council of Professional Investigators of Ontario. He is also a member of several Canadian, American, and International associations of Private Investigators and Detectives, and was recently elected to serve on the board of NALI as an International Regional Director (starting September 2023). About MADPI GLOBAL (https://madpiglobal.com/about-corporate-legal-investigators/) MADPI GLOBAL is a full-service Private Investigation Firm serving clients across Canada and internationally from its offices in Montréal and Toronto. Its focus is on resolving varied intricate legal matters related to Risk Mitigation, Intelligence Gathering & Analysis. Its multicultural and multidisciplinary team members have decades of law-enforcement, intelligence services, and private investigation experience. MADPI GLOBAL provides discreet bespoke services and handles assignments of various complexity, has access to worldwide databases, the latest investigative and digital technology, and can quickly expand through a trusted network of experts in more than 125 countries. The company is licensed, bonded, protected by liability insurance, and complies with PIPEDA and GDPR. About National Association of Legal Investigators (https://nalionline.org/) NALI was formed in 1967 to endorse, promote and safeguard the highest professional ethics of the legal investigative profession and to explore, cultivate and advance those arts and sciences. NALI seeks to establish and promote an association which will organize, serve and educate members, enforce professional canons of ethics and establish a standard for the practice of legal investigation. Membership in NALI is open to all Legal Investigators of professional competence and integrity who provide litigation support investigative services to attorneys in the private practice of law, who are employed by law firms, a public defender’s office, and/or privately-owned investigation firms.

  • PPIAC Podcast With Host, VP Of Training, Tarik Ocon
    by Nicole Cusanelli on January 21, 2023 at 12:00 AM

    Episode 1 – The first episode of the year 2023 for the Professional Private Investigator Association of Colorado. VP of training Tarik Ocon sits down with Pete Smith of Perin Discovery and Dustin Mooney of Tech X Cyber  Heather Reed the PPIAC treasure joins the conversation as we learn about the world of cyber security,…

  • Electronic Evidence – What to Know
    by Robert B. Fried on January 19, 2023 at 12:00 AM

    Robert B. Fried, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Forensics and Investigations at Sandline Global presented at the Society Of Professional Investigators dinner meeting held on January 19, 2023 in New York City.  Robert was also awarded the prestigious President’s Medal by the SPI.  Robert authors the Cybersleuthing department of PI Magazine.   To…

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