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  • Before You Start a P.I. YouTube Channel, Read This.
    by Pursuit Magazine on March 24, 2021 at 10:27 PM

    What I Did During My Lockdown: Adam Visnic of Gravitas Investigations dove deep into video, producing two popular YouTube series for PIs: “The Reason You Got Burned” and “The P.I. Hero.” The post Before You Start a P.I. YouTube Channel, Read This. appeared first on PI Feed.

  • Should you hire a cheap Private Investigator? A look at both sides
    by Ulises Perez on February 16, 2021 at 6:35 AM

    Here is the thing, depending on what you need a private investigator for, we can certainly get expensive – until you consider the costs of a botched child custody investigation, divorce case, background check errors, insurance claims, or even a butchered witness statement. When we work with the public – take an infidelity case as The post Should you hire a cheap Private Investigator? A look at both sides appeared first on PI Feed.

  • Embezzlement Between Partners Is Not a Crime
    by Leah Wietholter on February 5, 2021 at 10:31 AM

    Many clients have come to us with suspicions of embezzlement in their company. Through our client intake and information gathering process, it sometimes comes to light that the suspected embezzler is not an employee, but a partner in the company. Unfortunately, we have to discuss that this particular theft cannot be prosecuted criminally, and that The post Embezzlement Between Partners Is Not a Crime appeared first on PI Feed.

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  • Delvepoint’s New Suite of Standard Searches
    by Niki McKinnell Marler on February 18, 2021 at 12:10 PM

    We’re keeping it easy so you can get the data you need and close your case asap. We have almost 100 searches and services in our catalog, but our three new searches are here to be your go-tos: Standard Person Search Delvepoint’s new Standard Person Search gets straight to the core competency of a person…

  • IRBsearch & CROSStrax: The Perfect Partnership
    by Niki McKinnell Marler on February 18, 2021 at 12:00 PM

    The best all-in-one investigate tool is here. CROSStrax’s Investigative Case Management software has incorporated IRBsearch’s Skip Tracing Search platform into their application. Both platforms were designed by investigators for investigators. We are keenly aware of what the industry needs in investigation case management software and take great pride in solving industry problems relative to technology. CROSStrax is cloud-based case management and CRM software designed to streamline the process of managing an investigation as well as your clients who assign them. Imagine having a mobile app where your investigators have access to case information, subject photos, a full suite of skip tracing searches and first-party GPS software so you know where and when your investigators are working and onsite. CROSStrax with IRBsearch has it! CASE MANAGEMENT Document and track details on any type of case Manage any size caseload with the easy-to-use interface. Quickly view subject info, budget, photos, video, and more. Enter case notes, expenses, update the client and track billable time. When the case is complete, create a report and invoice in minutes. CLIENTS Know your clients better than they know themselves If your clients are individuals, companies, or both, the client area is packed with features. Add contact information, case handling instructions, billing rates and your professionalism will shine. Optional client access allows viewing case progress in real-time. INVESTIGATORS Powerful tools to manage any size staff Investigators can view case assignments, submit updates, enter hours worked and much more. From the solo entrepreneur to a company with hundreds of investigators, each company is able to assign cases, manage, and pay their investigators efficiently. EXPENSES & INVOICES Create invoices and pay employees in seconds Spend time on tasks that make money and let the system track the finances. The Quickbooks online integration helps maintain the books while investigators focus on running a business. INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS Create final reports in a few clicks Create your own report templates to use in the system. Generate a final report and send it to the client in minutes, not hours. With CROSStrax, you will learn to look forward to report time. CUSTOMIZATION Setup the system your way, for the types of cases you work Any case, any size, any type. Domestics, surveillance, missing persons, cold cases, criminal defense, process service, fraud, financial, it doesn’t matter. Customize the system for how you work all the way down to your company name and logo. Apply for IRBsearch today to get access to the new Crosstrax integration! Already a Crosstrax customer? Contact us today at (800) 447-2112 to link your accounts.

  • Forensic Perspectives Regarding Wagner and the Smuttynose Axe Murders
    by John A. Anton, PhD, Forensic Geologist on November 1, 2020 at 9:00 AM

    Anethe and Karen Christensen were murdered on Maine’s Smuttynose Island in March, 1873. Louis Wagner was convicted and hung for killing Anethe but popular thought asserts that he also slayed Karen. Maren Hontvet, a relative of both victims, witnessed the attacks and her testimony, coupled with circumstantial evidence, formed the basis of the accusation against…

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