“I have worked with SIA on a number of matters. Jennifer has been professional, efficient and effective. The feedback from the witnesses she has interviewed on our behalf has been only positive. She is more than an automaton; she brings an analytical mind and asks questions and makes suggestions that are often very helpful. I have recommended Ms. Sirois to several colleagues and they are always impressed by her.”

Michael T. Warshaw, Esq., Zager Fuchs, PC, Red Bank, NJ

“In an acrimonious estate matter, Jennifer Sirois was instrumental in locating twenty-nine individuals in the decedent’s family tree, including decedent’s lawful heirs, as well as several assets which were ultimately included in the estate.  Jennifer is a meticulous investigator who leaves no stone unturned.”

Yuliya V. Tedeschi Esq., Hiering, Dupignac, Stanzione, Dunn & Beck, PC, Toms River, NJ

“I just want to let you know that the heir search case we’ve been working on so hard is finally resolved. We could not have done it without your help and skill. There were so many repeating names in different generations and family lines that it was a miracle that you were able to sort them out and get them into the correct families. Your ability to locate family members and then get them to speak with you and cooperate in finding others was amazing. I think you even got some folks to connect with others that hadn’t spoken in years.”

“I could not have resolved this matter without your help and would certainly recommend you to others.”

Susan L. Goldring, Esq. Certified Elder Law Attorney, Zager Fuchs, PC, Red Bank, NJ

“I have relied on Sirois Investigative Agency services for a number of cases and have always found them to be exacting, thorough, discreet and professional. In one instance, the owner, Jennifer Sirois, was able to track down a crucial, independent witness in a case I was having difficulty with due to the death of a principal. Sirois transported the witness to my office, engaged the witness effectively which led to the witness providing a sworn statement. Ultimately, it was this testimony which led to my client receiving Million Dollar relief in the litigation. The services provided by the Sirois Investigative Agency are excellent. They are my “go to” Agency and I highly recommend their services.”

Monica C. Kowalski, LLC, Law Offices of Monica Kowalski LLC, Neptune, NJ

“I am an estate attorney that represents the Executor of an estate that needed to find a beneficiary that had not had contact with the family for nearly twenty years. The estate could not move forward without locating the beneficiary.  On behalf of my client, I contacted both a large national heir search company and Your Peace of Mind Investigations, LLC. My client retained SIA to locate the heir. Despite some dead ends, YPOMI successfully located the beneficiary very quickly. SIA was able to this at less than half the cost of the national heir search company. Jennifer was a true professional and a pleasure to work with in the search. The beneficiary was very complimentary of SIA. My client was very pleased with the speed and cost of SIA’s work. Going forward, I will recommend SIA to all of my clients for heir searches. “

Andrew Mackerer, Esq. Mackerer Law Offices, LLC, Moorestown, NJ

Due Diligence

“On occasion we have needed to supplement the services of our staff with SIA’s.  Ms. Sirois’ agency has always provided an excellent compliment of investigatory services.  Whether it’s providing background information, tracking down a witness, and taking statements, SIA always provides prompt, effective and complete service.  Ms. Sirois’ work has helped us in achieving excellent results for our clients.  It is a pleasure to work with such a qualified and ethical professional”

Daniel T. Silverman, Esq., Member Costello & Mains, LLC,  Mt. Laurel, NJ

“Ms. Sirois’ background of discipline and diligence shines through as she consistently uncovers details that I have no doubt would be lost to one of the average investigators.  I never have to be concerned with her ethics.  These facts indeed allow for peace of mind in an area that can be anything but.”

Terry A. C. Gray, Esq., Senior Litigation Counsel Schoeppl Law, P.A., Boca Raton, FL

Financial Investigations

“SIA provides TCA Global Credit Master Fund, LP with the most comprehensive and actionable financial investigations of any Private Investigation firm we have engaged.  It has a nationwide portfolio of sources and access to information that CEO, Jennifer Sirois, weaves into complex investigations that tracks and identifies assets; assets that defaulted borrowers are attempting to obscure from our collection efforts.  SIA has uncovered millions of dollars of personal and real property that gives Counsel the ammunition it needs to effect seizure pursuant to judgments awarded.  SIA is equally adept at achieving results overseas. In addition to finding international assets, the Agency, in their commitment to providing the most comprehensive service possible, found and served an individual hiding in a remote Alpine village in the EU.  SIA’s value to TCA has been proven and we highly recommend the firm to others who require pre-lending due diligence or defaulted borrower asset recovery.”

Donna Silverman, Chief Portfolio Strategist, TCA Global Credit Master Fund, Aventura, FL

Fraud Investigations

“My wife and I found ourselves left with the sole responsibility of caring for her elderly mother who at one time had a great deal of money, but was now nearly destitute. Mom had just had major heart surgery and we also realized that dementia had probably been undiagnosed for years. We were faced with a hoarders mess of epic proportions and no rhyme or reason in how paperwork had been accumulating over the years. We discovered that several hundred thousand dollars were gone and my mother-in-law had no clue where it went. We asked for help from my wife’s family and received none. The banks told us that there was nothing they could do to help either. At the end of our rope my lawyer recommended we speak with SIA. We did, and Jennifer was able to unravel the twisted mess we had been overwhelmed by and bring to us some much needed clarity as well as advice on how to move forward. Life can deliver some harsh blows, and often people are not who they appear to be, but for my wife and I, knowing what happened helped immensely and gave us that oh so important peace of mind. What Jennifer did has allowed us to move forward knowing where we stand.”


“My client believed that her trusted right-hand employee was embezzling from her pharmacy company, ‘ABC Inc.’ I asked SIA to determine if the suspect was operating a legitimate home-health aid provider business called ‘ABC, LLC’ because that was the story the employee gave my client.  The employee/suspect stated that she and her husband operated a health-aid provider business and that some of my client’s pharmacy customers were also customers of the health aid business. These ‘joint’ customers would sometimes drop off checks at my client’s store payable to the suspect’s business. Ms. Sirois’ firm conducted extensive research into ‘ABC, LLC’ with every New Jersey state agency and regulatory body responsible for training, testing, certifying, licensing, taxing and inspecting any possible type of health care service providing entity here in Jersey. Not surprisingly, ABC, LLC didn’t exist – except as an inactive LLC. My client’s unexplained losses combined with the omission of the entity’s genuine existence pointed to the obvious conclusion; the suspect had been directing my client’s customers to write checks payable to just, ‘ABC.’ The suspect could collect and deposit the ‘ABC’ checks into her ‘ABC, LLC’ bank account.

It was extremely difficult for my client to realize that her most trusted employee had betrayed that trust and stolen from her business. However, SIA’s meticulously detailed investigation gave my client the evidence she needed to save her business.”

Kevin Asadi, Esq., Zager Fuchs, PC, Red Bank, NJ


Integrity  Monitor / Contract Compliance

“Addx Corporation hired Sirois Investigative Agency as its Project Manager at a waste water treatment plant that received federal recovery funds to repair damage incurred by Super Storm Sandy. For over 2.5 years, Ms. Sirois ensured that the stakeholders executed proper and compliant reconstruction of the Bayhore Regional Sewerage Authority, Union Beach NJ. She was detailed, thorough, communicative, and consistently demonstrated subject matter knowledge of the issues and obligations of the stakeholders. Ms. Sirois worked independently to monitor the schedule and cut through red tape imposed by the contractor, state and federal parties.  The Agency ensured that the contractor was compliant in terms of schedule, quality of service, and business practices such as public wages and minority vendors.”

Lynna Hood, Director, Growth Shared Services, Addx, Corp.C, Alexandria, VA

“Jennifer Sirois’ firm provided Integrity Monitoring Services for the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority’s (BRSA) $17M Superstorm Sandy Recovery Project in Union Beach , NJ from 2015 to 2017. The Project was a technically complex undertaking with multiple funding sources calling for precise adherence to the rules of the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management (NJOEM), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust (NJEIT) and the BRSA. Ms. Sirois demonstrated a clear understanding for the technical aspects of the project. More importantly, while we were fortunate to have reputable contractors on the job, her firm provided the Authority with a level of scrutiny deserving of such a project. As we closed out this project we did so with a greater confidence in everyone’s level of compliance with all aspects of the job. In all she had a positive impact on this job.”

Robert C. Fischer, Executive Director Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority C, Union Beach, NJ

“I worked with SIA on a multimillion dollar infrastructure improvement project that received 15+ million dollars in Federal reimbursement. Jennifer was appointed the Integrity Monitor on the job and oversaw all aspects of the project to eradicate any potential fraudulent activity. Jennifer was extremely active throughout all phases of construction and was extremely thorough in her investigative work of all contractor, supplier and vendor activity. Jennifer went above any beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions to help accelerate the delivery of critical path equipment to the site. Jennifer has a tremendous work ethic and achieves results for her clients.”

John R. Wojnas III, PE, Resident Engineer, Hazen and Sawyer, New York, NY